Burning tongue is a painful situation affecting in addition to the tongue, also the lips, gums, the roof of the tongue and the inner sides of cheeks.

Burning tongue is also known as Stomatodynia or Glossodynia. This tender state in your mouth is generally recognized as the scalded mouth syndrome and is felt all through the oral cavity. Burning tongue syndrome is commonly caused due to yeast infection. The accrued fungi in the mouth are responsible for triggering pain in the different internal areas of the mouth.

An abnormality or deficiency in hormone production, especially those hormones involved in the digestive activities can also result in the scalded mouth condition. The intense pain caused during this condition can be lessened by following various home remedies.

Burning Tongue Syndrome

Chewing Gum, Ice for Burning Tongue Syndrome

Chewing Gum Remedy

A common and generally followed home remedy for the burning tongue condition is gum. Chewing gum has properties of neutralizing the acid formation in the mouth, and hence it can alleviate the pain. Chew on some sugar-free gum such that the production of saliva is increased which helps to prevent occurrence of dry mouth syndrome.

Ice Remedy

Sucking an ice cube can also help in lessening the pain linked to burning tongue. As ice is readily available in most homes, this is a common treatment for burning tongue feeling. Suck an ice cube or sip some cold water to reduce the burning tongue scalding sensation.

Glycerin Remedy

Applying a layer of glycerin all over the tongue can help to reduce the burning sensation and pain as well.

Liquids, Soda & Mint for Burning Tongue Syndrome

Apple Juice Remedy

An Apple juice rinse helps in offering a natural cure in the treatment of burning tongue syndrome.  Repeat rinsing several times a day.

Fresh Juice Remedy

Fresh vegetable juices and fruit juices are equally accepted as an effective home remedy for burning tongue syndrome. Acids in the fruits are not as damaging as the acids in your stomach. The nutrients in the juices are again a source of defense against the burning mouth syndrome.

It is recommended that you have fresh vegetable and fruit juices frequently while suffering from the burning tongue condition.

Water Remedy

An intake of lots of water can also help in healing the burning tongue. Water has PH level balancing properties and hence can easily neutralize any acid formation in your mouth. Drink plenty of water. You should drink at least about 8 to 10 glasses of water daily. Water keeps your mouth and tongue to stay moist and thus leave it to be less painful.

Baking Soda Remedy

Use baking soda instead of the commercially available toothpastes. Sometimes certain ingredients in your usual toothpaste can cause the indications of burning tongue.

Mint Remedy

Boil a handful of mint leaves in water. Cool and strain. Now place the mint infusion in the fridge. Drink this infusion at least twice a day to reduce the blazing and irritating sensation in the mouth. You can also use the mint infusion as a household mouthwash to prevent internal inflammation in the mouth. However, mint with its therapeutic properties can help to treat your burning tongue, but remember never to chew the raw mint leaves as they can cause more harm than doing good

Margosa Remedy

Margosa leaves have anti-bacterial compounds which help to prevent foul breath and other dental disorders. Brushing your teeth with a paste made from crushed margosa leaves will help.

Home Remedies for Burning Tongue Syndrome

Diet Remedy

For diet, resort to simple foods having plenty of boiled vegetables. Add iron rich food to your diet like spinach, broccoli, and parsley. Iron helps in treating a burning tongue, by replacing the damaged red blood cells with new ones.

Dental Hygiene Remedy

Get your dentist to check of any gum diseases, cavities, or ill-fitting denture problems. If the burning tongue is occurring due to some medication, your doctor will change it and relieve you from the burning tongue sensation.

Exercise Remedy

Stress and nervousness can aggravate your burning tongue problem. Regular exercise like yoga and relaxation techniques such as meditation can help to lessen all negative emotions that intensify the symptoms of burning tongue condition.

Lavender Oil Remedy

Lavender oil acts has antiseptic properties. It not only helps to cure the burning tongue, but also promotes blood supply in that area. Apply lavender oil on the affected parts in your oral cavity and allow it to stay overnight. This way you can get quick relief for your burning tongue problem.

Honey and Milk Remedy

Honey and milk aid in promoting the blood circulation levels in the tongue and thus can be considered as good home remedy for burning tongue sensation.

Onion and Garlic Remedy

A paste made from one onion and a few garlic pods is mixed with some water and used as a gargle daily. This mixture helps to reduce the burning feeling and also prevents bad breath in the mouth.

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