Mix two fabulous ingredients and you have a fantastic compound that works wonders on your skin. We are talking about the elixir of oils, coconut oil and the king of all gels: aloe vera. Coconut oil is good whether you apply it to your skin, to your hair, use it for cooking or as a sunscreen. There are dozens of uses for coconut oil. Aloe vera does not lag behind when it comes to beneficial properties taken internally or applied topically. Mix the two and you have a skin lotion that works as skin tonic and humectant or moisturizer.  Here is how you can make coconut oil moisturizer with aloe vera. This natural product is far superior to bottled moisturizer full of paraben and other harmful petrochemical based compounds. 


  • Use only virgin coconut oil and not the type sold as hair oil since this contains some mineral oil as diluent. Warm it slightly. 
  • Take fresh aloe vera leaves, the thicker, maturer and succulent, the better. Wash and slit vertically. With a spoon, scoop out the middle transparent portion and collect in a bowl. This is the aloe vera part. 
  • Use 200 grams coconut oil and 200 grams aloe vera gel

Making the aloe vera-coconut skin moisturizer 

  • Put the aloe vera gel in a bowl. Whisk it with a hand blender for a few seconds until smooth. 
  • Keep blender running and add coconut oil, one spoon after another until used up. 
  • Keep the blender running at low speed until you have a smooth even syrupy consistency liquid. 
  • Your homemade lotion with coconut oil is ready and you can store it in a bottle in your fridge for a few months. 
Coconut Oil and Aloe Vera Gel Skin Moisturiser

You can add a few drops of tea-tree oil and perfume  to this aloe vera and coconut oil moisturizer. 
Soil oil and water and do not mix you can add an emulsifier for a homogenous lotion. You can use food grade emulisifiers such as glyceryl mono stearate. Dissolve a half teaspoon of glycerol mono stearate in about 10 ml of hot water and add to the gel-oil while whisking. You can just as well use the yolk of an egg but it does have its own odor that you may not quite like. GSM is preferable. Adding an emulisifer has an added benefit in that the lotion will feel creamy and not oily and, it will blend in well with the skin or hair.

A few uses for this aloe vera home made lotion with coconut oil:  

  • Apply to exposed areas of your face, hands and legs before you go out in the skin. It will prevent skin from drying up and cracking. It will also work as a mild sun screen and prevent skin from turning dark.
  • Apply it in place of hair oil. Aloe vera and coconut oil for hair use shows fantastic short term and long term benefits. Your hair stays black, hair becomes thicker, fuller, bouncier, glossier and softer to touch. 
  • This lotion will also kill bacteria and yeast infections on the skin. 
  • Rub your lips with it to keep them from cracking in winter.
  • Rub on bruised skin , injured skin or infected skin for better healing. 
  • Rub on perineum post child birth to reduce stretch marks.
  • Apply to scalp before washing hair and leave it on for an hour. Removes dandruff and leaves hair soft and glossy. 
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