An infection, irritation or injury to the oral cavity usually results in Mouth Sores.

Mouth sores appear as inflamed spots inside or outside the mouth along the lining of the gums, tongue or mouth and can cause some pain and discomfort. Being a common problem, mouth sores also occur due to hereditary reasons. Certain sicknesses, diet, dental fixtures or even medications can also bring you mouth sores.

Sores in the mouth brought about by Herpes Simplex virus are contagious and need a checking by your doctor or dentist. Never ignore a white sore spot lodged in your mouth that endures on for more than ten days. Such sores need a medical examination as they signal something serious. Usually not a serious problem, the occasional mouth sore or the Canker sore is not communicable and can be treated at home by using certain home remedies.

Vitamin E, Honey and Baking Soda for Mouth Sores

Vitamin E Oil Remedy

Apply few drops of vitamin E oil on the affected area to get quick relief from mouth sores.

Honey Remedy

Applying honey to the affected areas of the mouth is one of the yummiest and greatest natural home remedies for Mouth Sores. Honey helps to relieve the burning sensation and pain caused by the sores. Another sugary recommendation is to make a paste from the powdered root bark of Indian Gooseberry and honey.

Baking Soda Remedy

Canker sores though not harmful, definitely cause a stinging sensation in your mouth. A homemade paste using baking soda and water will be a natural remedy for the throbbing pain given by canker sores. Make a thin paste using baking soda in water and apply on the sore area. You can use cotton swabs to apply the paste. Once the paste hardens it forms a protective barrier between the itching sore and other parts in the oral cavity. Repeated application of the paste lessens the irritation gradually.

Gargle, Mouth Rinse & Tea for Mouth Sores

Herbal Mouth Rinse

If you feel you can deal with the mouth sores yourself, then try a mouth rinse made from arnica. Arnica is an herbal plant and is favorable for curing bruises and swelling on your skin. Although not recommended for internal use, you can make a much diluted mouth wash using arnica extract, 10 parts of water and 1 part liquid tincture. Stir the mixture well and use it to swish it inside your mouth. However, take care not to swallow it. Repeated rinsing with this mouthwash will yield benefits from mouth sores.

Basil Leaves Remedy

Chewing some basil leaves at least a few times in the day proves to be highly beneficial. Alternatively, boil a handful of basil leaves in about 2 cups of water and gargle with the solution few times to get relief from irritating mouth sores.

Salt Water Remedy

Rinse your mouth with a glass of lukewarm water which is mixed with two teaspoons of salt. Repeat the exercise a few times a day as this is an easy, natural and valuable cure for Mouth Sores.

Herbal Tea Remedy

Calendula tea, licorice root tea, Echinacea tincture or diluted myrrh oil are all regarded as valuable herbal tea home remedies for mouth blisters. By rinsing your mouth with any of these herbal solutions you can get rid of sores or blisters in your mouth.

Tea Bags Remedy

By placing wet black tea bag on the affected sore area you can get relief from Mouth Sores and also the pain associated with it.

Lifestyle Changes for Mouth Sores

Herbal Infusion Remedy

Different infusions made using coriander leaves, aloe Vera juice or fenugreek leaves can become excellent home remedies to ward off mouth sores. Gargle a solution made from any of the infusions prepared by boiling fenugreek leaves, aloe juice or coriander leaves in water and get rid of the mouth sores. All these herbal remedies have therapeutic value and are safe home options to cure mouth sores.

Lifestyle Changes Remedy

Frequent occurrence of painful mouth sores will need making changes to your lifestyle. Doing thus will reduce the regularity of occurrence of sores. Studies have explained that certain aspects of people’s lives can cause mouth sores to occur, and those aspects are being under lots of stress, smoking and not enough dental hygiene. Sometimes incorrect technique of brushing and flossing your teeth to remove bacteria can also lead to mouth sores.  

Other than adopting these natural home cures, following a few healthy suggestions like avoiding the use of mouthwashes that contain alcohol (alcohol acts as a dehydrating agent), using a soft bristled toothbrush for brushing, (hard bristled brush causes additional mechanical irritation, especially when it comes in contact with mouth sore area), maintaining good dental hygiene facilitate healing of mouth sores.

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